Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Phrases and Short Sentences for Repeated
Reading Practice
Third 100 Words
These phrases contain the third 100 words from the Fry Instant Word List (1980), which represent some of the most common words students encounter in their reading. The complete list of 300 words contains approximately two-thirds of all the words students encounter in their reading. Repeated reading of a few phrases per week gives students practice reading high-frequency words and developing fluency and general proficiency. These phrases may be written on sentence strips, transparencies, or on a chart for use in literacy center or small group instructional setting.
Near the car.                  Stay a while.
Between the lines.         A few good men.
My own father.              Don’t open the door.
In the country.               You might be right.
Add it up.                       It seemed too good.
Read every story.          Along the way.
Below the water.           Next time.
Plants and flowers.        It’s hard to open.
Will it last?                    Something good.
Keep it up.                     For example.

Plant the trees.               In the beginning.
Light the fire.                Those other people.
The light in your eyes.  A group of friends.
In my head.                   We got together.
Under the earth.            We left it here.
We saw the food.           Both children.
Close the door.               It’s my life.
The big city.                  Always be kind.
We started the fire.        Read the paper.
It never happened.         Run for miles.

A good thought.            Once upon a time.
Do it often.                    Is it really true?
We walked four miles.  It’s time to eat.
Until the end.                 Let me carry it.
A second later.               Near the sea.
Stop the music.              Talk to my father.
Read your book.            The young face.
Sing your song.              The long list.
State your case.              My family

I miss you.                      I cut myself.
On my side.                   Watch the game.
I took the car.                The peaceful Indians

So far so good.              Without a care
The young girl.              I like being on the team.
My feet hurt.                 The tall mountains
The dark night.              Next to me
A good idea.                 A few children
It began to grow.          A long life
Watch the river.           A group of Indians
White clouds.               He started to cry.
Too soon.                     I hear the sea.
Leave it to me.             An important idea
I hear the waves.          The first day of school
Almost enough.            Almost four miles

Source: Rasinski, Timothy V. (2003). The Fluent Reader.
New York: Scholastic Professional Books.

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